The Return of Heidi MacAvoy is an NS World episode from season 2. In this episode, Heidi MacAvoy, Sam's former girlfriend, comes into Sam's world.


Sam is playing baseball when he sees Heidi MacAvoy in the crowd. He tells some kids after the game, and they are freaked out. Heidi walks in on a kiss between Sam and his current girlfriend, Jennifer Leguizamón. She screams. She tells Sam that he said that he said that he and Heidi would date if she got back to his world, and there would be no dating in between. Sam says that he doesn't remember that, but Heidi just leaves. She calls him later and tells him that he can express his feelings towards her by singing to her at an upcoming talent show. He sings Intermission, a little-known Big Time Rush song about wanting a pause in a relationship. She kisses him afterwards, outside, in a thunderstorm. Sam explains the meaning of the song. Heidi leaves and says that her whole life, she will be waiting for the day that that intermission is over.


Devisser breaks Zeic Xeonten's leg by hitting him in the back of the leg during a hockey game. He gets kicked off the team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and subsequently traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Later, a fan shows a video clip of Xeonten tripping over an octopus on the ice, which fans of Xeonten's team often throw. The kid says that the janitor should have picked it up, and the coach fires him immediately. Devisser is offered back on the Lightning, but he stays with the Maple Leafs.

Nicholas takes a vacation to Milwaukee, while Hurricane Mason hits it. He and his brother wait in the storm cellar while the hurricane passes, but the house gets lifted, and they have to find a way to get down. They eventually throw a hundred-pound weight on the ground to anchor the house. They leave for Miami immediately.

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