Macaws-United rivalry

First Meeting

March 8, 1904 @Macaws

First Result

Macaws 370, United 60

Last Meeting

November 14, 2009 @Macaws

Last Result

United 1,170, Macaws 540

Next Meeting


Rivalry status

43 meetings

Largest victory

United 8,890, Macaws 3,010 (1918)

Smallest victory

Macaws 56,550, United 56,540

Current streak

Macaws, 6

All-time series

Macaws, 23-19-1

The Macaws-United rivalry is a rivalry between the Quidditch teams the Moutohora Macaws and Puddlemere United. The two teams first played each other in 1904, but the rivalry wasn't very fierce until 1989, when the Macaws defeated Puddlemere in a 56,550 - 56,540 match in Moutohora, widely regarded as one of the greatest matches ever and finished with a 133-foot goal by Macaws chaser Noah Hinchey, the furthest goal ever scored. Since the shot was taken before Fred Canning of Puddlemere caught the Snitch, the shot was not condisered defunct.