Hildegarde Rachel Océane Lafarge (English pronunciation: /ˈhɪldəˌgɑrdə ləˈfɑrʒ/; b. 1962 in Sarreguemines, France) is a Chaser for the French National Quidditch team. She took over as the team's captain when Josephine Marat retired in 2002.

Hildegarde Lafarge

An anime interpretation of Lafarge.

Early lifeEdit

Hildegarde was born in Belmont-Luthézieu, Rhône-Alpes, France in 1962. It was a very small commune with a population of 275 Muggles. She was Muggle-born, so it came as a shock to her in 1973 when she was accepted to the Ádám Bájusz Magical Institution in Hungary.

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